We tell the news like it is when nobody else will. Others would have you deceived by silken words, but not us; art speaks more than journalists ever will.

We can be reached at: todaysnewsart@gmail.com
Also, Twitter, though Twitter, to me, is a 2nd class Internet citizen.


12 responses to “About

  1. I don’t mind if you delete this comment after reading: it’s as much an instructional one as a social one. (A thank you, if you will, for commenting on my post!)

    On your dashboard, go to Users – the very unattractive little generic two people icons.

    Choose ”your profile”

    Scroll down and see the ”contact info”, and under the email address which is required, there is a space for you to put your blog URL. Then it will come up as a link where your name is listed at any wordpress location you visit.

    This will make it easier for those interested in the same things as you to find you =)

  2. I’ve stopped by here a few times. I’m not sure how to take your news/art blog, but I like it…the art especially. Many images are a reminder of the slides I had to know in art history.

    Thanks for bringing these wonderful images in art to the blogosphere.

    • Well, I take it as a compliment, a very big compliment, that you aren’t sure how to respond to it. I mean, I think that is better than saying “just another __ blog,” right? And yes, I love art. More than news. I don’t actually like the current system of news; hence, I make fun of it. haha. I also think that there’s so much in classic art that is glossed over and it’s come to be trite. I think that’s ridiculous. It can be funny, serious, confusing, breathtaking, etc. And thank you so much for your feedback. It means a lot of me. Take care.

  3. reslly find your blog a totsl delight. The art and new match so well. Will pop by again soon.


  4. that’s a great blog! 🙂
    I am a Follower!

  5. OMG-Laughed out loud all the way through…

  6. really surreal project you’ve got here!
    I shall be keeping an eye on this blog, yes indeedy-dee

  7. Your blog is brilliant. I love the use of fine art with the satirical venue of real news. Very original and very brilliant.

  8. I really like what you’re doing here. If you don’t mind I’d like to link your blog on mine.

    Be back soon.


  9. mindofmarissa

    This is definitely unique! Crazy that you can mix a headline like “Florida Mayor Arrested after Found Nude at Campsite” with a classic portrait of Rousseau. Some how it works though!

    Happy blogging!

  10. Thanks for your comment at R.E.W.I.R.E.D
    I love what you are doing here. has to be the sharpest (read wittiest) combo of art and narrative, intelligent and humorous.

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